Why choose Aussie Webhost As Your hosting partner


Aussie Webhost
Αussie Webhost is the most reliable hosting service provider in Australia. It is active from past few years to provide an exceptional support to many Australian businesses and help them in achieving their business goals. There are many satisfied customers who are continuously rising and growing their online business successfully. It is a one-stop destination for all your website needs and known for our world class services with affordable Web hosting plans and exceptional services. It also provides services for website development with stunning web designs and internationally accepted online marketing solutions. It has a great experience in the field of web hosting, development, and marketing.

Web hosting services and plans
For reliable, fast and secure web hosting, you can trust this company for web hosting services. It is a value driven company offering smart and professional solutions to small, medium and large businesses. If you are about to start and want to establish yourself digitally, the company can offer your customized and affordable plans to help you in enhancing your website capabilities. From the infrastructure point of view, the company is strong and known for having reliable and secure data centers in Sydney, Australia. It is capable of meeting the specific demands of the businesses.

Shared Hosting
Shared hosting plans have been customized and created for small to large sized businesses. The company provides storage space, data transfer managed and controlled by Sydney based data centers. It can offer a protected network with easy monitoring and live support. The servers are monitored round the clock by a highly trained professional team. It further provides a matchless support to its customers and 24*7 assistance over the phone, email or chat.

Virtual server hosting
With Virtual server hosting plans, your website can receive a moderate traffic. With this web hosting, the server can be operated independently to install the latest software. For professional, small business and corporate packages, you can visit the website and choose the plan according to your expectations and business requirements. It allows an efficient use of resources in an environment-friendly environment.

Dedicated hosting
To enjoy, fast and reliable network connectivity, this is the best hosting service offered by the company at economical rates. Dedicated servers can improve the performance of a website in a controlled and flexible environment. If you want your website to host the superfast Australian servers, you can buy the plans online with additional benefits.

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Use web hosting service to answer all your domain name problems


What is web hosting service?
If you want to have a website of your own and want to publish it on the internet for the viewers, then web hosting service is an answer to your problem. A hosting service hosts your domain name on the World Wide Web by providing you space on the server to upload all your website data. A web hosting provider will store all your files in such a manner that it can be viewed at any given point of the day.

Types of hosting services

There are different kinds of hosting services that are available with Website Hosting Sydney companies.

Shared hosting – Shared hosting, as the name suggests, is a kind of hosting service where you share your web space with other domain users on a particular server. Most of the new business owners opt for this kind of hosting service because it is cheaper as you do not own the server privately. However, shared hosting can cause troubles like slow uploading of website or slow website navigation as other websites are also using the same space to host theirs.

VPS – Virtual hosting service or virtual private hosting is an upgraded version of shared hosting network. Here, even though you are in a shared environment, but everyone is given a stipulated amount of disk space to host their website. This means that if someone else has used all his disk space on the server, your website would not be affected by it. You could move from shared hosting plan to VPS if your site starts receiving high traffic, and your budget isn’t ready to bear a cost on the dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting – Dedicated hosting is self-explanatory. It is a kind of private hosting service where you privately own the server and don’t share it with anyone else. This type of hosting allows a client to have complete access to one server.

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Why shared hosting is cheaper than other hosting services?

If you own a domain name, you would know that you require hosting service as well. Hosting services make your website appear on the internet. Therefore, you cannot function without using a hosting service in the online world.

There are different types of hosting services that you can take like dedicated hosting, virtual hosting service or shared hosting. Out of all the options, shared hosting service has earned the reputation of being the cheapest form of web hosting service because, in shared hosting, you need to share server space with different other websites. There are various reasons as to why shared hosting is cheaper. Newly formed companies often do not want to spend huge amounts of money on hosting services. For them shared hosting is the best option. Despite a shared server, there is no limitation of disk space, bandwidth, and other features. This is because companies use very powerful and highly configured servers for their customers.

For new blogs also, shared hosting is an ideal option because being new they don’t have many photographs or videos or other flash objects that require greater space. However, for people whose web space requirements are outgrowing, then virtual web hosting is the next best choice. Virtual server hosting gives business owners more space, power, speed, and stability to successfully run their websites. In fact, virtual web hosting is a kind of shared hosting service where every web server is configured with different virtual servers. So basically, you are renting a space on the server and further sharing its features with other domains. However, for obvious reason, virtual web hosting is expensive than normal sharing web hosting.

So, if you are based in Australia and looking for a web hosting Sydney service, then you would be able to find a lot of options. All you need to do is, you need to be a Hawkeye to find a good and reliable service that offers you good services at affordable prices.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

A Glance On the Availability of Different Types of Web Hosting Services

The Internet is the new platform to promote business and to reach a maximum number of customers. A website or a web page is required by companies and individuals, to make people aware of their online presence. A website or a web page is posted on the internet by companies and individuals through the services known as Web Hosting services. It is a full-fledged business where the web hosting service providers make the arrangements of the services and the technologies that are required by the website or the web page to be viewed on the Internet. Servers, that are special computers, are used for hosting or storing websites. A domain or the website address is typed on the browser by the internet users to view the website they want to look. The server of the requested web page is then connected to the computer of the Internet users, and the browser displays the requested web page.

The individuals or the companies are required to own a domain in order to host with the hosting companies. The hosting companies are instrumental in purchasing a domain to cater the need of your business. An organisation or the individual has the option of hosting their websites in different ways as various types of hosting services are offered by the companies which are as follows:

Cloud Shared Hosting Services – A good flexibility is offered by Cloud Shared Hosting option as it gives a virtual platform for storage facility as hardware and CPU are all virtually available here. It is available in shared option which makes it most efficient for small and medium business enterprises for which budget are limited. In this option, the cost of the server and the maintenance is divided among various users. At limited expenses, high-performance services are made available.

Virtual Server Hosting
– it is also known as the Virtual Private Server. It is a very good option for the enterprises that see moderate to high traffic on their web page. It provides a more powerful environment that the shared services as companies exercise more control over the server environment. The CPU and memory are shared in this option, but you have an own independent compartment that works with the help of its own hardware and operating system. The starting package of this option could start from as low as $149.95 which gives 40GB SAN storage and 500 GB data transfer. There are many benefits with this option like

  • it provides daily backup
  • monitored on 24×7 systems

Dedicated Hosting – this service offers the full control over the server as there is no sharing of resources takes place in this option. The companies and the individuals are not required to share the CPU and memory with anyone else. The performance of this type of web hosting services is great and unmatched. This is the best for those who want to exercise maximum control over the resources with excellent performance. Security, reliability and better performance are some of the advantages that make this option stand apart for those business entities to whom budget is not a concern.

Registering A Domain Name Is Easy with Web Hosting Companies

Nowadays the internet has become a rage, and this platform is used for many activities. The use of the internet is not restricted to playing games, chatting on social media, and referring to the national and international events. A lot more can be done on the internet, and this platform is widely used by all types of business operators, for marketing their products and brand. The awareness about any business can be effectively generated on the online platform as it has the power to reach a large number of viewers. A web page or the website is a particular space allotted to different business entities. A website is made live on the internet with the web hosting services that are offered by the professionals.

A domain name or URL is provided to all websites that are unique in each case. It is the address of the web page or website on the internet which internet users prefer to get connected with the desired websites. The computer understands the machine language and each URL, which is generally the name of the website, is converted to IP address which makes it easier for the computer to understand.

When a new business entity wants to go online then there is the requirement to register a Domain name for his business. This registration depends on the availability of the domain name as there are possibilities of using the same domain name by someone else. It is advised to get the domain name of your company registered during the business planning phase itself to avoid the situation of unavailability. The domain name has an expiration date, and timely notifications are sent for the renewal.

The web hosting companies offer various payment options for the registration, and Domain Name Renewal & Transfer services. The business operators have the choice of opting from varieties of extensions to match the domain name with their business name. These services are activated instantly, and the business operators can enjoy a new platform. Domain name transfers from one registrar to other registrars can also be done with the web hosting companies. While choosing a domain name, make sure that the length of the domain name falls in the bracket of 2 to 63 letters limit.

Choose The Web Hosting Services Depending Upon the Business Requirements

The Internet has been vastly used for brand and product promotion by all sorts of business entities. Be it a small business owner or a business tycoon, the powerful presence of internet has been recognised by everyone. Making your presence on the internet requires some sort of systems and procedures to be followed. A proper range of services called Web Hosting services is offered by web hosting service providers to allocate a web space for your brand. The particular allocation of space for your business on the internet is known as Web Hosting. Various items like documents, pictures, software etc. are available on your computer and with the services of web hosting these documents are made available to lot more people.

Whenever the internet users want to see the content of your website, they can type the URL of your website and get the desired results. There is no need for business operators to send the contents from the computer every time a user asks for it. Depending upon the need your business, the type of services can be availed. The different types of web introducing services that are available for the business operators are as follows:

Cloud Shared Hosting – this is probably one of the best options available for small and medium business enterprises. The web space is shared my multiple business entities, and the maintenance and cost of the web hosting, are also shared by the users. This gives excellent backup support. In this virtual system, you are responsible for the payment of only that space which is allocated to you.

Virtual Server Hosting – this is like a private server available for your needs. This is also a shared system, but the traffic of users is relatively low and hence provides good speed. The contents of the web pages are loaded faster in this type of system.

Dedicated Hosting – if you are looking for excellent performance, great speed and full control over the server then this is the right option for you. If you have allocated a good budget for web hosting services, then this system will cater your business needs more effectively.

The Demand for Web Hosting Services On a Rising

With a large number of companies and individuals registering domain names, the demand for professional web hosting services for starting a new business or for personal use. Many people are not aware of these services and look forward to gaining information about what service providers to be used who can help availing these services.

When choosing a website hosting company, there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind. The most important factor is the decision that you need to take is about the number of domain names you want to get registered. Secondly, you have to decide which domain names are going to be used for personal purposes and which are going to be used for personal purposes.

The main feature of shared hosting is that it provides separate niches for the various websites which prevent them from encroaching into other web site spaces, also it has many usage and space limits as each server itself has only a particular usage and space capability which it, in turn, provides to its clients.

While going in for cloud shared hosting companies should keep in mind the objective they have for their online web services, that is, whether they want to be general users who use the platform provided for very basic and ground level web presence or they want to have the ‘power’ of extensive web and software development.

Another thing that companies need to keep in mind is the kind and level of security that these host servers can provide because any kind of lapse can lead to huge leakages for the company.

What are the advantages of using website hosting?

  • It is usually very cost effective for the company.
  • Companies can get around the clock technical support team.
  • Web hosting servers usually compete for their client attention by constantly increasing security and scalability levels, this helps keep confidential matter safe.

What are the services provided by such companies?

  • The basic service they provide is of website hosting which can include corporate E-mail solutions, collaboration with the service providers etc.
  • This hosting and website management for the companies are also done by the providers themselves.

They also help in the website structuring, designing, overall content providing for the website etc.